Our tank-mounted DC air compressors are designed for both commercial and industrial use. We offer two types of tank-mounted DC air compressors: The XDT10-3000 which comes equipped with the XD3000 air compressor model and the new XDT-4000 which comes equipped with the latest XD4000 air compressor model. Both DC air compressors are mounted on a 10 gallon ASME coded tank. These tank-mounted DC air compressor packages are designed for both work truck and tow truck applications.

For continued, extreme, and construction use, the XDT10 with fan cooled motor is recommended. All of our tank-mounted DC air compressor systems are shipped fully factory assembled and tested – they are ready to bolt down and connect to the battery. And, as with all of our high-quality DC air compressor products, our tank-mounted air compressors are GSA approved.

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Item #

Compressor Model

Nominal Operating Voltage

Net Weight (Lbs)

Current at Max Load (Amps)

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XDT10-3000-12 N/A XD3000-12 N/A 12 Vdc N/A 107 N/A 180
XDT10-3000-24 N/A XD3000-24 N/A 24 Vdc N/A 107 N/A 90
XDT10-4000-24 N/A XD4000-24 N/A 24 Vdc N/A 110 N/A 90
XDT10-4000-12 N/A XD4000-12 N/A 12 Vdc N/A 110 N/A 180
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