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Odyssey Batteries

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Oasis Manufacturing recommends Odyssey batteries: with the power and capacity required to power Oasis air compressors, they’re a natural choice. Our testing has found Odyssey Drycell Batteries are able to withstand extended service in the most extreme conditions, making them a superior choice over other common brands.

Odyssey provides superior-performance, absorbed glass mat (AGM) Drycell batteries. These batteries can be used as an auxiliary power source, or as a vehicle's primary battery. Odyssey "sealed" military-grade design batteries offer greater storage capacity, a longer life cycle, and they operate at extreme temperature ranges. Odyssey batteries also take hundreds of deep discharge cycle, can be mounted in any position, and are vibration-resistant, making them ideal for under chassis installation. To learn more, see details below.

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PC1200 44 A·h 7.87" x 6.66" x 7.55" 38.2 lbs
PC1700 63 A·h 13.02" x 6.62" x 7.68" 60.9 lbs
PC2150 100 A·h 13.00" x 6.80" x 9.41" 75.0 lbs
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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