Oasis is pleased to offer an air compressor system specially designed for air tools: we include a tank to maximize system efficiency for running air tools on an extended basis. For convenience, the system mounts a coupler to a panel or frame member with a bulkhead fitting. Our air compressor system for air tools comes with many features, including our special Oasis tire gauge, an adjustable pressure switch, a safety valve, and much more. To learn more about this system, please see details below.
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  • 1.5 Gal. Tank, rated FVSS 121
  • Oasis Tire Gauge - a lever operated inflator body w/a class 'A' dial gauge and locking chuck, your choice of range: 30, 60 or 100 psi
  • Adjustable Pressure Switch
  • 3' Stainless Steel Braided Hose assembly
  • 10' of 1/2" D.O.T. Air Brake Tubing
  • 25' Urethane Coil Hose
  • Amflo C20 and C21 Couplers M & F (or equivalent)
  • Safety Valve
  • Tank Drain Valve
  • Fittings, wire and terminals for complete installation
  • Key to Components

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    A - Air Tank
    D - Check Valve CV375
    E - Oasis Tire Gauge
    F - Adjustable Pressure Switch
    G - 3' Stainless Steel Braided Hose Assembly
    H - 10' of 1/2" D.O.T. Air Brake Tubing
    I - 25' Urethane Coil Hose
    K - Safety Valve
    L - Tank Drain Valve
    M - Coupler 3/8 NPTF - 3/8 NPTF
    N - Instant Tube Fitting
    P - Tank Gauge
    S - Fitting 3/8 NPT - 1/4 NPT
    T - Fitting - Bulkhead
    U - Coupler - Male
    V - Coupler - Female
    X - Coupler Plug - Female
    Y - Coupler Plug - Male

    Other Information


  • GSA Contract Holder
  • Specification and components subject to change without notice
  • Components available individually